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Hey King!   {July 2020}

I started out waiting tables and came across one of your students years ago. I waited on him in a booth at Pappadeaux and he had his head so heavy into his laptop that I had to ask what he was doing?

He said he took off work that day to work for himself! Perplexed I asked him how, and he said he had taken up day trading and learned all he needed from you! Impressed, I begged for the contact info and he was reluctant to give it to me. I signed up but it all seemed like a literal foreign language to me!

I clearly wasn't ready or didn't see the value at the time of working for myself. I then went off to be successful at real estate, buying, selling and investing. I began reading more, nurturing my mind on so many topics foreign to me but prevalent to so many others . Developing several streams of income was my new mantra! So I revisited your site and re-enrolled. To my surprise I understood more! I chipped away at the online lectures, I moved appointments to be in the virtual trading room, I traded paper money on techniques. I played and replayed the archived files on the website in my car in between scheduled appointments. I'd take the technique and implement it for a week at a time, build on previous learning and verbiage. I familiarized myself with my trading platform. This has all taken about 6 consecutive months! I'd trade a little and lose a little. Till I mastered my trailing stops and now I don't lose much of anything these days.

I can just hear you saying in my head, "once the RE report comes out, doesn't matter if it's up or down, we're going to monetize on it". And make "Wall Street pay you" !So Friday, I took the down position of nike at 35 NKE Jul 02 '20 $98 Put(NKE) @ $2.42 and I sold them at 35 NKE Jun 26 '20 $96 Put(NKE) @ $0.91 this gave me overall sweep of about $3,200.00 in profits. Of course the market went a little lower at about 93.63 bid but I bowed out gracefully once I had more than doubled my daily goal. I wanted to say thank you to the gentleman that led me to your forum and practice. And I cannot thank you, personally, enough for the plethora of resources available on demand. Beyond thankful to see the fruits of my studies that have been empowered by your platform.


A billion thank yous! -Queen Kj

Dr. Reaves   {June 2020}

Thank you so much DR. Reaves for your teaching, because of you I am getting PAID


King Hugh

Doc   {May 2020}

I would like to share with the family how powerful your teaching has effected my family Spiritually Mentally and financially. I made over 500% profit on ACB buying 2 contracts @ .66 and selling 1 @ 5.15 while my trailing stop is still holding and still getting P.A.I.D thanks again for your community service to The Wealth Institute family words can't express how much we appreciate you.


King Dean

Greeting Dr. Reaves   {May 2020}

I’m sending you this email to thank you for the drill down you have put in place . The one element that I was battling with is waiting until 10am . I just could not imagine why we would do that while there was so much movement going on . I felt like I was always a step ahead or behind in my entries & exits although my analysis was correct. Now that I’ve realized that experience is indeed the best teacher through trail & error I have been waiting until 10am . I’ve been even waiting longer than that in most cases . My timing has gotten better . I’m truly on my way to becoming a Zen Sniper in the market & becoming more consistent. Thank You !!!

P.S. Please share with the family . This may speed up there consistency .


Best Regards, Anthony • PEACE .

Dr. Reaves,   {May 2020}

Great class - you allowed us to ask FAQ, Stayed on track on that 1 strategy until we got it. I am learning - Learning one Strategy Segment at a time brings more Clarity. Thank You for Your Efforts, Educational Value is amazing



Dr. Reaves,   {May 2020}

I'm getting PAID



Dr. Reaves,   {May 2020}

Greetings KING, I haven’t been in class this week because I’ve had training on the plantation but I just wanted to thank you again for all you do for the class. Your strategies have gotten me p.a.i.d and I’m definitely appreciative. Stay blessed bro. Peace


King J.

Dr. Reaves,   {April 2020}

For the first time, I've had time to follow you and really focus on the strategies you're presenting! I'm SO HAPPY that I found AskTheWiz years ago. Thank you for all that you're training us to understand!! Thanks SO MUCH for all that you do for me and for our WIZ Family!!!


Peace, Love & Happiness, Frederica

Dr. Reaves!   {April 2020}

I would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you put in on my behalf and the other students in the Wealth Institute. My results have been remarkable over the past few months. Though I have been a member for a while now my opportunity to actually SEE the live VTR webinars on Monday and Wednesday have been limited as I am ALWAYS working 10 to 12 hour days, 6 days a week so I log into the webinars and just listen. Over the past few months having a chance to watch how you move live has been invaluable. I have had gains ranging from $43.80 on the low end to $1,691.51 on the high end all within 4 or 5 hours. Now keep in mind these gains are proportionate to the amount of money I have in my trade account. As my profits increase my purchasing power also increases allowing me to purchase more contracts for increased returns. While my loses have been minimal compared to my returns and I am happy to say that 15%, 20%, 30% returns have been the norm and have been able to go back and see the mistakes I made on those loses. Considering that a bank savings account will yield no where near these numbers the Wealth Institute has been a great INVESTMENT. As you always say "TRADING is a short term strategy and INVESTING is a long term strategy". I have 15 years to so called retirement, but look at this as a 15 year period to LEARN and EARN. It wont take that long! I now know how to make money even when I am not working and I don't have to get a second, third job to do so, or do anything illegal.


Thank you! Peace and Blessings!

Dr. Reaves,   {December 2019}

Subject: Thanks!!! ... (King) Dr. Reaves, I want to thank You so much for teaching me how to Trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Greetings King Dr. Reaves.   {October 2018}

I just want to specially write to thank you for the way you taught us today and Monday in the Ask The Wiz Virtual Trading Room... Personally I gained from your teachings tremendous insight and clarity into our ER and Beta play strategies and as a result made consistent positive profits over the last 2 trading days....

All Praises Do The Creator for you; your unselfish work; unselfish time and energy that you give teaching us your Ask The Wiz Family these strategies...

May The Creator give you SPECIAL BLESSING King, in this life and most importantly the next.

God Bless you and your family.

Brother Khalid


Customer Service,   {July 2018}

If you can, please let Dr. Reaves know how much I enjoyed the 6.19 radio show...When he discussed Nathan Rothschild, he played music from "The Godfather" -- Hilarious!!!

Besides being a total genius, he is always so fun to listen to...and often has me laughing, as well as learning...

Thanks so much...So appreciate him...


The Norm Van Lier Scholarship Fund


Dear Dr. Reaves,   {June 2018}

I'm writing you to give my appreciation for the skillful way you have opened my mind to a way of looking at trading & investing also the world. You are truly masterful in your teachings and they work well. I signed up with The ATWWI on April 5, 2018. My 1st trade was May 21, 2018. I signed my Queen Denise up today 6/21/18. I had no prior experience before I signed up. Now I'm in the battle and winning. You have changed our lives. THANK YOU KING KENNETH !!!!!!

Best Regards



Dr. Reaves {May 2018}

Thanks for taking the time on Monday to explain how we control the price we want to sell our contracts at. I use that strategy today (weds) to get my 1st victory on the Macy’s position that we did the drill down on in class. I brought 2 contracts 1.79 & sold them at 2.07 $32 strike price as I tighten up my trailing stop to 3%. That’s where I was comfortable with and BAM!!!!!!! VICTORY. Lol.

Thanks Again
King Anthony



Greetings Dr. Reaves:

First I thank my Ancestors and Creator, once again, for allowing me to have the understanding and ability to utilize what I have learned.

Yesterday, Thursday, December 21st, I played (NKE) E/R play, just before the mrkt. closed btwn.3:45 - 4:00. I got the (NKE) Jan.19/$65/Put @ 2.25 and I set the Trailing Stop 10%. When I woke up this morning, it went up to 4.19. I made about 86.23% Profit! Thanks to my Ancestors and Creator! I'm excited!

I prayed first, then checked the aft. hr. trading. It looked like they were trending up for a minute. I got worried for a minute, but realized that I prayed and stuck to the criteria. I felt confident, went to bed and the profits were there this morning.

This was my first time ever making a profit. I wanted to take the time out to thank you and the Wiz family and to share my story. I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday.

Peace and Blessings,


Dr. Reaves:


I listened to many different stock trading radio shows when we lived in Colorado from 2007-2009. When the economy crashed during that time, we lost everything. We went from $1M net worth to zero and we have been recovering ever since. I remember what each of the so-called "radio experts" on stock trading said during that time. I felt that each of these so-called "experts" were pushing their own agendas. Their advice ranged from useless to horrible.

The single exception was The Wiz. He gave great advice. I have remembered what he said on the air and I have applied his words to my trading strategy. I bought his DVDs. What he taught me has made all the difference. I can actually foresee retirement soon, when a few years ago I had no hope. I'm not kidding. I will be passing "Wiz wisdom" on to my children. and if they are smart, they will prosper too when I'm gone. And through all of this, my wife and I run a nonprofit organization that benefits women and children in Uganda. What we earn helps save lives.

I want you to know that what you do is doing a lot for the people you serve, and I would plead with you to keep at it and excel even more. It's so important. Through ordinary people like me, you are changing the world in a way that politics cannot. I seriously cannot thank you enough.


Larry G. June 28, 2016


Dr. Reaves:


Thank you for all that you do for our family. You are a model of human kindness and I am so blessed to have the pleasure of knowing you and being a very proud member of the ASK THE WEALTH INSTITUTE. Your level of perseverance, persistence, poise, patience, and tenacity truly inspires me to communicate with THE SPIRIT and our ancestors thanking them for your presence in my life. I know all our family members feel this way about you and we love the way you inspire us, teach us, and preach to us for all that we need to hear. May GOD continue to bless you and your family, my GREAT leader.


Charles D. August 5, 2015


Thank You Dr. Reaves


I was browsing the internet and came upon couple websites that peek my interest as they confirm several different topics you've taught us.

On website there is a video called "WATER Crisis -HOAX", that explains the diabolical plan of the enemy to keep the masses blind. From a financial stand point, they explain some of the Publicly Trading Companies and Government entities that are involved. These sites provides the education that the earth produces oil & water naturally; there is no shortage as we are being told.

On website there is a video called "WATER Crisis -HOAX", that explains the diabolical plan of the enemy to keep the masses blind. From a financial stand point, they explain some of the Publicly Trading Companies and Government entities that are involved. These sites provides the education that the earth produces oil & water naturally; there is no shortage as we are being told.

In one of your recent webinars, you've mentioned how the weather is being controlled and this website confirms and provides additional INFO.

Just wanted to further this INFO to see if this is something you want to share with the ATWWI Family if they can handle it.

Joel in College Park, Jan. 31, 2015

FYI…My Testimony


Thank you Dr, Reaves and the Ask The Wiz Wealth Institute. I decided over year ago once I came into the Knowledge and Wisdom of Trading & Investing. I knew that this was for me, my financial freedom opportunity. I retired from a Lucrative Advertising & Marketing Job from one of the Largest Advertising Agency In the World, Leo Burnett Advertising Chicago as a Broadcast Producer. Trust me it was not easy to walk way, but I knew I had to make a choice or continue to be unhappy and work in a stressful environment. One year later, I’m happy I made the Right Choice, and now have plenty of quality time to spend and help raise my Grandchildren and Puppy Champ, and being able to give back and volunteer to community projects. It’s a wonderful feeling not having to worry about finances and wake each and every morning and decide upon how much money I choose to make from $500-$10,000 on any given day with the precise training guidance & teaching from the Ask The Wealth Institute team member organizations.

Once again, I truly thank you and the Wealth Institute for having the passion and desire to teach and train individuals tactics and strategies on how to Beat Wall Street on any given day. All we do is WIN!

If you’re reading this testimony, I dare you to just give it a one month try, and I guarantee your life will never be the same.

Patricktheproducer, Jan. 28, 2015



I'm really meditating on one major point that really stood out to me,which is manifesting knowledge into action!

Dushawn, Nov. 28, 2014

Wisdom and Knowledge


I am focused on the points mentioned about having your money work for you and using the wisdom/Knowledge given to advance my life financially. I have my key in the ignition ON and I'm ready to Drive FORWARD...Patrick. Thank you again for sharing this WEALTH of Knowledge and GRANDE OPPORTUNITY with us! I am thankful and READY to BEGIN MY NEW LIFE IN FINANCIAL WEALTH! BLESSINGS OF ABUNDANCE TO YOU, THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE ROOM TO HOLD!

Ward, Nov. 28, 2014

Knowledge is Power


Very good message/information on Financial Wealth. I am committed to taking this journey!!

Devita, Nov. 28, 2014



I have to admit I knew somethings but the knowledge that I gained beyond that is priceless... I love the fact that he was even able to biblical scriptures to back up a lot of what he was saying... I woke this morning looking at how the little things around me I can use to grow my wealth!!! WOW... Pat you did it!!! Keep on doing what you are doing and I will be talking with you soon.

Desmond, Nov. 28, 2014

Awesome webinar!


I learned more about money last night than I have in my finance class from college!

Demiah, Nov. 28, 2014

Peace and Greetings Bro. Wiz!


I attended one of your workshops several years ago and found your information to be very applicable and beneficial. Recently you came upon my spirit so, I went to your website and have been listening to the radio shows. Ooo Wee is all that I can say. Your Oct 9th show (the tunes mixed with the information) had me up here soo excited as if I was making money off of the investments already.

Sister Sent Oct 14, 2014

I will be participating in this very soon


Wow, I LOVE Dr. Reaves...I so enjoyed listening to his radio program from last Thursday. He is so brilliant and so very entertaining, and the music is great, too! Plus the spiritual component is WONDERFUL. It was so much fun, I was laughing a lot...and options are my passion, so it was just soooo much fun.

Susan Sept. 30, 2014

Subject: Dr. Reaves


Subject: profits profits !!!

HELLO DR REAVES I am please to announce that on Monday april 21 2014 I made $2000 on riteaid & $680 on siri thank you DR REAVES you have truly been a mentor ! !

Darren, Apr 23, 2014

Subject: Dr. Reaves

Oh My God, Dr. Reeves. I am listening to Mondays webinar. I love everything you stand for and represent! I listen to 2 webinars a day and then read and research the info. 50% of info is imbedded in my spirit. It wont be long before I am getting PAID. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to God for sending such a dynamic angel to validate what the Holy Spirit assured me of sometime ago, that my later years would be greater. Thank you. Happy New Year and God Bless you and your family. You're one in a million!!!

Wanda, Dec 31, 2013

Subject: Good Day Dr. Reaves

I would like to take this time to thank you for all of your efforts to empower all the members in the Ask the Wiz Wealth Institute. I thank you for the insight that you teach us regarding this capitalistic society. I also thank you for teaching with such fire, passion, and positive energy. You surely are a Godsend. I have being a member of the Wealth Institute since December of 2008 and you have being a blessing to me, and I can never see this world economy as I saw it before. So again, thank you, and may your holidays and all days have the highest of God's blessing.

Al, Dec 23, 2013

Subject: Learning a LOT

I'm learning a lot in this short time that I've been with the atwwi family. Me and my friends subscribed together and when we are done with this army term, we will be trading full time. As economics students in college, we have been searching for the keys to this game for a long time now and this is clearly a blessing from God to have come in contact with this program and to be taught these strategies. Thanks.

Rah, Dec 8, 2013

Subject: Praise Report

75% profit on MOS earnings report today. Thanks to the E.R. strategies. Praise to the Most High

Smith, July 16, 2013

We spoke once about the Mag 7 and Mag 5 about 2 months ago. In that time I have turned $200 into $1,300 using your mag 7 plays. I wanted to thank you for your training. I wanted to tell you how important your training is to me. I wanted to tell you how much this will change my life.

Gary, 11-July-2013

Subject: 242% plus!

Pulled 242% in less than 3 hours on SEN w/unusual volume play! I keep telling people this is easy if you do your "drill-down". Much love

polo - Tuesday 14-May-2013



Subject: Mag 7

Popped 107% with SDS!! I think I love the mag7 now! ... Much love

polo - 2013-May-3



Subject: P.A.I.D.

Using the wealth institute E.R. strategy I made a 400% profit on KRFT this morning less than 24 hrs

r.s. 2013-May-3



Dr. Reaves,

Thank you so much for the powerful strategies you've taught us in the Ask The Wiz Wealth Institute. I woke up to hundreds of dollars in profits today! All praises to God, and honor to the ancestors.

The Mag 7s are my favorites, and many thanks for explaining T.I.V.A. and the price fluctuations around water table. (Having this knowledge helps me not to panic during the day.)

Gratefully, Carol B. 2013-May-2



 Greetings Dr. Reaves,

Much, MUCH thanks to you for the Wealth Institute. Today I'm up 766.67% from Nike's earnings report! Yesterday before market close I was able to get a few contracts for $0.05...

For the past couple of weeks, my Spirit continues to tell me that I'm leaving the "9 to 5" job forever by May 31, 2013, breaking free from that curse to be financially independent to live on my own terms. I thank you for teaching me the strategies that will keep me and my family financially free. This is truly a gift from our ancestors to be the ones to demonstrate that we know how to creatively manage OUR OWN finances, and being responsible without the need of being controlled by an office cubicle plantation "9 to 5" setting.

Peace and blessings, giving many thanks! Please send me some light for my exit off the job before May 31, 2013!

Peace, Rhonda F, (Philadelphia, PA)


Brother Wiz, thank you for all that you do CONSISTENTLY for the community.I listen to you via the internet on WIGO 1570 am  all the time. I am learning about this capitalistic system that we live in. I have tried your techniques and they abosolutely work!!! Thanks to you I was able to purchase my first home for me and my children. Be BLESSED Brother Wiz...


K Hill Johnson (Orlando, FL)



Dr. Reaves,

I would be remiss if I did not extend a heart felt "Thank You" for all of your time and your dedication in helping myself and others. I appreciate you taking the time to be my advisor, my listening ear, my mentor and my teacher. In the past 30 days, I made over $3000 trading options and I am hoping to double my earnings, by November 20th. I pray that our Creator will continue to bless you and your family; and "THANKS" again, for your priceless contributions and generosity.

Much Love, Peace and Guidance

Anthony W (Atlanta, Ga.)



Thank you for being there for me and my wife. It has and is a pleasure to be a member of your website. The staff of Ask the Wiz is always so very professional and we know you people really care. I don't know how you people do it for such a minimal monthly fee, not to mention it is month to month, but we want you to know we appreciate Ask The Wiz and what the organization does for the community.

Steven P (Boston, Ma.)



I really appreciate and enjoy my Ask The Wiz membership. I will be a member for a long time. My girlfriend told me about the website and about you. It is always inspiring to hear you speak. Keep on doing what you do.

Stephanie C (Houston, Tx.)



Brother Wiz you are truly a MOREHOUSE MAN.

Robert A (New York City, NY)



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