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"The Wiz" Biography


 Kenneth "The Wiz" Reaves, Ph.D.                                                                          

Biography {Condensed Version}                                                            

Kenneth "The Wiz" Reaves, Ph.D., a Morehouse College graduate, is an internationally sought after speaker, lecturer, economist, financial engineer and Chief Investment Strategist with over 28 years of experience. His clients include some of the most successful celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and various Caribbean governments. He is Founder, Chairman and CEO of the following companies:

  • Ask The Wiz, Inc. (
  • Ask The Wiz Wealth Institute, Inc.
  • Wiz Capital Ventures, LLC.
  • Wiz Broadcasting, Inc. 
  • Wiz Homes, Inc.
  • Wiz Wear, LLC.

In addition to "The Wiz" numerous television and radio appearances, speaking engagements and lecture tours, he is currently the host of the ASK THE WIZ (classroom without walls) Radio Broadcast each Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm - 4pm (EST).  "The Wiz" is the author of numerous articles published in various domestic and international finance journals.

"The Wiz" frowns at being categorized as a financial planner or financial advisor but rather considers himself a "financial engineer". This is a new term coined by "The Wiz", as it reflects his unique talent and ability to structure and implement situation specific financial paradigms. "The Wiz" prides himself on giving his audience "insider" financial information that is intentionally kept from the public by the global capitalist system. This is a New World Order tactic to maintain a global debtor society.

"The Wiz" is noted for his charismatic personality, and his dynamic speeches and lectures. "The Wiz" guarantees that once a person attends his lectures and/or seminars, they will be armed with all of the information needed to OBTAIN and MAINTAIN financial wealth /  liberation.



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